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Sgt. Jeff Guyton
Sgt. Jeff Guyton







Runaway/Temporary Shelter Care 

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Boys and Girls Homes will provide a short-term temporary shelter for youth ages 10-20 which includes a private room for intervention, stabilization and mediation. This is for youth who need immediate placement by the Bladen Juvenile Justice Office or Bladen

County officials. This temporary shelter will be a safe and secure facility on the campus of Boys & Girls Homes at Lake Waccamaw.

B&GH will provide placement for up to 14 days for level 1 and 2 youth who have low to moderate physical and mental health needs.  Youth may be admitted anytime, day or night, by authorized Bladen law enforcement or other county officials.


Boys and Girls Homes of North Carolina, Inc.

400 Flemington Drive

Lake Waccamaw NC 28450

Phone:   910 646 3083.




Life Skills (Strengthening Families) Program presents its first Family Skill Training Program. This program is designed to involve both parents and their children in learning and practicing new behavior because educating children alone is not enough to change behavior in families. (Pictured above) is Sgt. Jeff Guyton, Elizabethtown Police Department, Life Skills youth and parents enjoying a session on Alcohol and Drugs. List below is also Interim Chief of Elizabethtown Police Dept. Kip Hester.

For more information on the program provided by Life Skills (Strengthening Families), contact Elizabeth Blanks, Coordinator at (910)-862-4591.


Aggression Replacement Training

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Coastal Horizons Center Aggression Replacement Training (ART) is a 12 week course offered in the middle school sites in
Interim Elizabethtown Police Chief Kip Hester
Interim Elizabethtown Police Chief Kip Hester
Bladen County over the academic year for youth who demonstrate difficulties managing emotions. The classes are focused on diminishing aggressive behaviors through targeted practice and role play of important social skills, awareness, and replacement of aggressive behaviors.
Youth recommended for this class exhibit behavior such as bullying, aggressive acting out, challenging behaviors, fighting, poor social coping, and may have limited social interaction skills.
Currently, the schools that we are holding groups are at ETown Middle on Wednesday's from 10-12pm and Clarkton on Monday's from 1250-250pm.  
The plan is we will start at Tarheel and Bladenboro on the week of February 3rd.  I will update with exact date and times once the school makes that final decision.



Teen Court is a diversion program for juveniles who have been charged with violating the law, in lieu of the more formal handling of criminal charges by the traditional justice system. Teen Court volunteers do not determine guilt or innocence, but rather afford the juvenile offender the opportunity to take responsibility for their actions in a mock courtroom setting before their peers. Student volunteers serve as prosecutors, defense attorneys, jurors, bailiffs and court clerks. Adult volunteers are also involved in Teen Court. They often assist the student volunteers with preparing for court and supervise the courtroom proceedings.