Bladen County North Carolina


Social Services

As the County offices are closed to the public to provide safety to the County residents and staff, Bladen County Department of Social Services encourages the public to access or apply for services via the internet at
Applications for Economic Services are available for those without internet access at the front porch of the agency located in a file cabinet identified by programs desired to make application to. Those programs are as follows: Food & Nutrition Services, Adult Medicaid, Family & Children’s Medicaid, Work Frist Family Assistance, Child Care, Crisis Intervention, Low Income Energy Assistance and Child Support. The Low Income Energy Assistance Program ends on March 31, 2020. Each application has a coversheet attached with directions to complete the application to include a signature on each application made. Applications are to be returned to the secure Drop box located at the front door for timely process.  To ensure all questions or contact with caseworkers can be made the public is instructed to call 910-862-6800 for assistance.
Any reports of abuse or neglect of children or adults can be made Monday – Friday, 8:30am - 5pm by calling the agency at 910-862-6800. After hours and weekends reports may be made by calling Bladen County Communications at 910-862-8141/910-862-8142.


Mission Statement

The core beliefs of the Bladen County Department of Social Services as excerpted from its mission statement are embodied in the following:

1. We believe that the family unit is the primary and preferred resource for meeting the needs of children and adults.
2. Emphasis is placed on maintaining children and disabled adults in their own homes through the provision of needed services to improve and strengthen family functioning. Out of home placement services are available when the care and safety of children/disabled adults can not be insured in their own home.
3. Community based preventative services offer the necessary support to families and disabled adults in their quest to remain at home as long as possible.
4. Bladen County citizens will be respected and supported in their interactions with our agency.


News release:
The Bladen County Department of Social Services announces the office move of the Food and Nutrition Program (FNS) to the NC Works Career Center located at 401 Mercer Mill Road, Elizabethtown, NC 28337. The office move will be effective November 1, 2023. If you have any questions in regards to the office move or would like information relating to applying for Food and Nutrition benefits, please contact Bladen County Department of Social Services at 910-862-6800.




                                  Beginning 3/28/2023 you may complete your required Medicaid renewal or provide Medicaid verifications electronically to