Bladen County North Carolina


Environmental Health

The mission of Environmental Health is to safeguard health, and protect the environment through the practice of modern environmental health science, technology, rules, public education and above all dedication to the public trust.

Environmental Health carries out this mission through both mandated and non-mandated services. Mandated services include on-site wastewater (septic systems), food and lodging, swimming pools, child daycare and institution inspections and childhood lead prevention and investigation programs. The staff of the Environmental Health Division is charged with enforcing North Carolina laws and rules while performing these mandated programs.

The Environmental Health Division provides the following services:

1.     Septic tank permits for new installations and existing systems as well as repair of failing systems.

2.     Well permits for installation of new wells beginning 2007

3.     Water sampling for bacterial and chemical analysis.

4.     Permits and inspections for facilities which provide food or lodging to the public (ex: restaurants, hotels).

5.     Permits and inspections of public swimming pools.

6.     Permits for tattoo facilities.

 7.     Inspections of institutions and daycare facilities

 8.     Complaint investigations



Contact info:  910-862-6852 

Environmental Health Specialists:

Diana Nobles                        

Adam Nobles