Bladen County North Carolina





All emergency response plans, material safety data sheets, lists, inventory forms, and all other information in possession of any LEPC, and which is not confidential under local, state or federal law, shall be available to members of the public for inspection and review only.


Any person may make a request by writing to the Bladen County LEPC at P. O. Box 1646

Elizabethtown, NC  28337 or by email at  The LEPC will arrange for the review of qualifying information within 45 days of receiving such a request. 


The LEPC will maintain a permanent log book or form to record the following: 


  • Name of Requester (and address for mailing)
  • Telephone Number
  • Time and date of request
  • Facility in question
  • Specific information requested (Note: facility will be notified to be certain they have checked location of products are confidential.)