Bladen County North Carolina



Social Work Services
Social Work services are designed to assist individuals/families to improve their daily community living skills.

Services to Children and Adults
· Child Protection Services - Investigates reports of abuse, neglect and dependency of minor children.
· Family Treatment - Ongoing treatment services designed to assist the family to better meet the needs of children in the home.
· Adoption Services - Are designed to assist in finding permanent homes for children whose natural parents choose not to parent them.
· Foster Care - Temporary out of home placement of children in order to provide them a safe and secure environment.
· Day Care - Temporary care for children to allow parents or caretakers to work and/or attend school.
· Adult Protective Services - Evaluates reports that disabled adults are abused, neglected, and/or exploited.
· Adult Placement - Assistance with locating out of home placement resources.
· Adult Foster Care - Monitoring and arranging the use of supportive services.


Income Maintenance Services
Income Maintenance Services are designed to assist individuals/families with financial and medical needs.

Services to Families
· Work First Assistance - Monthly income based on family size. Medical assistance is included. Income and resources limits apply.
· Medicaid Services to Adults - Medical assistance to disabled and elderly individuals. Income and resource limits apply,
· Medicaid Services for Families and Children - Medical assistance to children and adults based on income, family size and resource limits.
· Employment Program Services - Designed to assist Work First Family Assistance recipients in locating employment and/or training leading to employment.
· Food Stamp Program - Assistance to individuals and families to meet food needs. Amount of benefits is determined by income, family size and resource limits.
· Child Support Services - Assistance to families to receive financial support for minor children from non-custodial parents.


Specialty Services

· Crisis Intervention Program (CIP) Emergency heating and cooling assistance.
· Project Share
· Emergency Assistance (AFDC-EA)