Bladen County North Carolina


Care Management

Care Coordination For Children (CC4C)

What is CC4C?

CC4C is a free and voluntary program that helps families find and use community services.  Programs services are provided by a social worker or nurse.


Who is eligible for CC4C?

Any child age birth to five, who has special health care needs and/ or mental, physical, developmental, and/ or emotional concerns is eligible to receive services.  Children exposed to toxic stress in early childhood may also be eligible to receive services.


What will CC4C social worker/ nurse do?

  1.  Discuss family strengths and concerns through home visits, telephone calls, and other personal contacts.
  2. Identify programs, services, and resources that meet the family’s needs.
  3. Serve as a link between parents and the child’s doctor/ nurse.
  4. Identify ways to strengthen parent – child relationship.
  5. Introduce parents to support programs, when available.
  6. Offer encouragement and support.

For more information or to make a referral please contact:

Andrea Singletary


Pregnancy Care Management (PCM/ OBCM)

What is PCM?

The PCM program is a free and voluntary program that provides case management and prenatal education/ teaching for Medicaid eligible women.  Services are provided by a social worker or a nurse.

Who is eligible?

Pregnant women receiving Medicaid may be eligible for the program if they have any of the following risk factors:

  1. History of pre-term birth
  2. History of low birth weight
  3. Multiple gestation
  4. Fetal complications
  5. Chronic conditions which may complicate pregnancy
  6. Unsafe living environment
  7. Substance/ Alcohol/ Tobacco use
  8. Late entry into prenatal care
  9. Missing 2 or more prenatal appointments without rescheduling

  10. Unanticipated hospital utilizations

  11. Physician request for care management

What will PCM worker do?

  1. Provide education for prenatal care, parenting, and newborn care
  2. Counseling and emotional support
  3. Assistance applying for Medicaid and other resources
  4. Visits at the home, doctor’s office, or other community settings
  5. Provide a link between patient and OB provider.

If you have any questions or wish to make a referral please contact

Amber Sholar


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